Blimey I’ve got a Blog

Write a blog, tell us about your travel plans, write a blog show us your dresses, write a blog about your trips to the tank museum….now that’s at least 3 different blogs, and as I’ve never written one before that’s a big ask.

So now I’ve set up a blog and nobody will read it but it will be interesting to keep it as a diary of our travels and to show off my pretty dresses…oh and of course pictures of Tanks and AFV’s

Travel….. In November we will be flying away from the cold of England and enjoying the sunshine of the Australian summer for a couple of months….Christmas day in the sun…. bliss.

Spending our first week in Sydney we then board the Sun Princess and cruise around New Zealand for a couple of weeks before dashing from Sydney to Geelong to spend Christmas with Emma and her gorgeous kids. We are looking forward to having new year before the rest of the world and kicking it off with a trip to Uluru and Alice Springs….then the travel continues but more about that later.

Before all that we have a summer of fun with Tanks, chilling and gardening (tho what order that comes in I’m not sure) and a fabulous holiday with our lovely daughters to really look forward too….

So tell me what are your plans for the summer?

thinking about doing some blogging…..

4 thoughts on “Blimey I’ve got a Blog

  1. Hi Wanda. Looking forward to following your Blog. Especially your trip at the end of the year. I can pretend I’m back there. Xx


  2. Hello there! Fellow Lindy lady here haha! Am really looking forward to reading your blog and following your great adventures! Keep up the blog writing, I found mine really therapeutic when I used to write one. Need to go back to it really! But anyway, keep up the posts!


    1. Thank you so much, I will be posting pictures of my Lindy’s most days. And start writing again and I will follow you x


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