Wet Wednesday 5am….time for a sunny day dress

We have all been there….you wake up all warm and cosy in the bed to hear the rain lashing down and that pitter-patter on the windows, the temptation to just snuggle deeper under the covers is huge, but then so is the urge to pee😳. We all know which one wins, and once your up and out of bed might as well get my act together.

Last year I started wearing clothes to please me and these are vintage styled with petticoats and accessories to match, and you know what? I am so much happier for it. I’m often the only person wearing a bright colour in a sea of black brown and navy blue, do I stand out? Yep you bet I do, do I care? Nope not one bit. Do other people care? No not at all in fact random strangers approach me on a daily basis to compliment me on my clothes….I lived 46 years on this planet and it never happened once. Then on holiday in Australia last year I wore this baby pink dress and a tiny little girl ran up to me and just pointed at my dress and said “pretty dress pretty lady” I felt like scooping her up and giving her a kiss…..I didn’t cos that’s just kind of creepy crazy lady stuff.   

That tiny girl changed a lot for me, I now wear what I like when I like and even if others think I’m bonkers I know what ever they can do in trousers I can do in a skirt. I recently hiked in the Grand Canyon and spent 4 days in Death Valley….my dresses and petticoats came too.

Today as the rain poured down my hand reached for my lovely sunshine yellow dress, and I just knew I would be happy all day as it’s such a cheerful and happy dress…..combined with my lovely “Sams” petticoat a pastel green cardie from peacocks and Clarks brogues and socks…..topped off with a vintage brooch. Perfect for the early run to the station and weekly shop at Tesco….did people stare? Yes they did but also its 8.30 and 3 people I have never met before have already complimented me on my dress not bad for a plus sized 48 year old mum doing the grocery shopping.

8 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday 5am….time for a sunny day dress

  1. Love this from a plus sized nearly 47 year old. I love going to tesco dressed up its nice to stand out from the crowd xx


  2. Ohhh so lovely to read this! I feel the same and wore my massive yellow skirt in the awful weather this week! Yellow makes me happy and pink and mint and turquoise and rainbows 🌈 and really everything 🙂 well done, looking forward to more blog posts xxx

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