Gardening in my Pj’s….

Popped into the garden with my morning cuppa to see how it had fared after yesterday’s endless rain, the answer was better than I thought. However an hour later I find myself still in the garden and gardening in my Pj’s. It started by just having a look at the garden canes I bought yesterday and then it was while I’m here I will just lay them out before a blink of an eye an hour had passed and I was struggling to get the French bean frame erected and I realised my tea was cold and the frame was built.

How often does this happen tho? You start just having a look, or reading a few pages and before you know it an hour or two has flown past and your deep in your book and loathe to put it down before the end of that chapter. This however never happens with housework or other chores…..I struggle to just have a quick go at doing it, let’s be honest who looks at the clean washing and thinks oooh I will just while away an hour or too running a hot piece of metal over my clothes? 

Back to the garden, with the frame built I realised I had run out of twine so time for clothes and shops ( & coffee) and more twine so I can plant the French beans, pea and mange tout plants before tomorrow’s rain. With rhubarb and sweet potato already in residence in the veg patch I need to get the other plants in before the rain returns.  My Strawberry hanging baskets survived the winter in the garden and have started to flower and put out fresh green leaves, I thought we would try hanging tomatoes this  year so a basket of those is hanging from the end of the shed fingers crossed. I’m the sort of gardener where crossing fingers happens a lot and you know what mostly it works.


As for today’s outfit of the day I thought as last night we booked more of the American part of our trip I would take the theme and go with it ( no I’m not wearing a suitcase) 

With a HellBunny Tennessee skirt and Next Native American inspired blouse I’m feeling like the holiday is getting closer…..we are under 200 days now. The skirt and blouse are teamed with a red petticoat (Amazon) and red pumps,  Black belt and leather satchel.  


Time for coffee and picking up my library books then home to research flights from LA to New York to catch our flight back to Europe next April. Strange to think that this time next year we will have been home a few weeks and both looking for jobs 😳


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