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rain, rain go away…..

The nagging  frustration of planning a day and then having it rain is one that’s  almost an everyday occurrence for most of us that call the British Isles home. Today was going to be gardening and washing blowing on the washing line and lunch in the garden watching the plants grow kind of day….however the weather put paid to that and now it’s sort of a crochet, sofa lounging,  plan the Armstrong-Ellis Grand tour and grumble about the weather kind of a day….I may even squeeze in a few chapters of the different books I’m reading……but mostly I will be feeling slightly cross about the weather.

The smallest things can put a damper on a day and trying to ignore that feeling or even explain why you’re feeling a tad grumpy makes it all a million times worse, I am sure I’m not the only one when asked just says yes everything’s fine and inwardly grumbles like a supposedly dormant volcano….however all this does mean the Granny blanket I’m currently crocheting will get some attention while I steadfastly ignore the crochet flowers I’m struggling to finish, 27 flowers x 8 different colours of yarn sound so easy at the start….and it’s so monotonous to finish.


However despite the gloom and doom of wet weather and grumpy thoughts there is always the chance to brighten the day up by cheerful clothes and who doesn’t love a polka dot dress? Today a chocolate brown polka dot dress gets teamed with a strawberry embroidered cardi and my amazing ‘Refreshers‘ coloured petticoat, this is an outfit that I’ve worn several times and always makes me feel good….is it the strawberries? maybe the chocolate? who knows.


Ps. for those who don’t know what Refreshers are….  Fabulous sherbet fruit flavoured sweets from the 60’s and 70’s here in the UK they come in pastel colours and crumble like sweet chalk…sadly mostly missing from the high street but still available from Amazon 

Buy your Refreshers from Amazon here




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