The sun has got his hat on…

A beautiful warm spring day and the view from the dining room table where I type this is both beautiful and irksome…with the flowers, warm sunshine and birdsong its beautiful but the path needs sweeping and the last few flowers need planting and the bin needs righting after is weekly wash…. but booking rooms to stay in for the Armstrong-Ellis Grand Tour must come first so tap-tap-tap and more Airbnb places get booked across America.

Home is where the Heart is….and the bodies are buried 

Hawaii Oahu and Big Island are both booked now with beautiful homes waiting for us to relax in. Seattle?  House Whittingham awaits us…let’s hope it’s more friendly than House Lannister.  Then off to Orlando and a villa for a couple of weeks…then a leisurely drive to Savannah to stay overnight in what looks like a gorgeous Airbnb with Gino before moving on to stay with Gerry and Pete…. slightly further away than their old home. Then drive on to Richmond to spend a few days exploring the Civil War Battlefields and the beautiful local countryside while staying in an Airbnb close to Richmond in Charles City in a lakeside home. Then we move on to Washington DC and that’s where I’m up to on the Airbnb search so far…. I’ve picked out a couple near Gettysburg and even one in Kansas City but from Gettysburg onwards until we hit Monument Valley it’s a blank canvas of places to stay.

Why Airbnb? well my answer to that would be why hotel room? we have met some lovely people across the country and world staying in Airbnb rooms from Winterbourne Stickland to Warrnambool and every experience has been unique and wonderful.

Winterbourne Stickland – Dorset – England
Warrnambool – Victoria – Australia

The chance to chat with people from different cultures and communities is not to be missed. Staying within the walls in a medieval town in Tuscany just can’t be matched by a hotel room a few miles outside….

San Gimignano – Tuscany – Italy
San Gimignano – Tuscany – Italy

When the Airbnb is complete and all the requests sent what then? well then its hotels in Monterey, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, LA and New York….will I go for Airbnb instead…In Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara its quite possible but I really like the Embassy suites in Monterey and LA? Currently no clue what to do. New York well I’ve found a couple of lovely affordable hotels there and as anyone who’s been to New York knows that’s no easy feat.

In a way I can’t wait for this backbone part of the Grand Tour to be complete so I can relax and we can look at places to visit and restaurants, diners and cafes to eat in and while away a few hours people watching…..

190 days to go and still so so much to do

Today’s OOTD (Outfit of the day) is my long searched for Hellbunny “Jessie” circle skirt and matching blouse….I’ve wanted this for so long and had almost given up hope of finding the skirt when a lovely lady on a Facebook page I’m a member of told me a shop local to her had them and also had a website….2 days later I’m wearing it how good is that? thanks so so much to Kirsty at  Rockamilly I’ve teamed the skirt and top with Next floral trainers, White ankle socks and my much-loved petticoat that I had made by Rock n Roll Skirts & Bridal Petticoats


2 thoughts on “The sun has got his hat on…

  1. Looking gorgeous as ever sweetie.
    Your Grand Tour sounds like it’s going to be amazing!
    When we toured NZ and Oz, we did a mixture of B&B’s, motels and the odd B&B hotel.
    The B&B’s were rooms in people’s houses. A couple of them had breakfast with us in their kitchen and one, in NZ, made us an evening meal which we ate with them. It made the trip so much more colourful.
    Airbnb wasn’t around back then but we’ve just used them to book Tenerife for this winter so hope it all goes ok.


    1. Airbnb is fantastic we have stayed in some amazing places and met some lovely people. We have yet to be let down by anywhere we have stayed.


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