United we stand United we fall…..

There are no words that heal the pain of loss….when people in your life die the pain is so huge so encompassing that words become nothing, it becomes actions that count. Those that hold you close, that listen to you without offering trite sympathy, that make you tea, that cook you food…those people help you survive the horrific nightmare that death brings. Sadly today across the country, not just in Manchester, families will have had to start a day in a life forever torn apart by fundamentalists…life will never be the same again the pain of death close to you alters you as a person and you can not turn back that clock. 

We must let the families grieve in private, support them however they need support…..we must however stand up against racism and fundamentalism, this must not become about race or religion, if we let that happen terror starts to take over our lives and little by little those spreading division and terror win.

Today tell people you love how much they mean to you, smile at strangers and partake in Random Acts Of Kindness…..most of all remember we must stand united against those spreading fear in our lives

If you should suspect any behaviour, people or acts please Report suspected terrorist behaviour on line or call the police Contact them online

3 thoughts on “United we stand United we fall…..

  1. Such a lovely post… straight to the point and from the heart. Much love to those who have lost a loved one… ❤


  2. Such lovely words Wanda. We need to be kind. Use the anger we feel to unite, not divide. We are strong in unity.
    This is on my doorstep. I’ve been to the arena many many times. It’s attached to Victoria rail/tram station. I travel through that station every time I travel to Manchester. Because it’s so close, it seems more real somehow. Of course, I’m horrified at all these atrocities but this one has devastated me. They were children!
    You are so right. The people who commit these atrocities are nothing to do with others who share their race or religion. My partner works with refugees and asylum seekers. He’s already dreading their drop-in session due to fear of reprisals.
    I’ve a feeling I’ll be unfriending a few people today. 😔


    1. I know how you feel Wendy….I have no time for racism or religious hatred in any form. Give your partner a hug from me to say thanks for all that they do


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