Frozen Shoulder Surgery Day+1

Well after months of pain and virtual paralysis I had surgery on my right shoulder yesterday and it’s looking good….well tbh it isn’t looking good it’s a swollen bruised stitched mess but feeling wise and movement wise it’s looking very positive. Sure it hurts but it’s a very different pain to the one I’ve been suffering the last 4 months…this is a hot achy surgical ‘you’ve been stabbed and stamped on’ pain not a pulsing all encompassing pain that ruled my life for nearly 4 months….as for movement I’ve been able to put my hand above my head (very gently) for the first time in months too, I’ve got no coordination or much strength yet but with the physio I started this morning it will come back.

With Steve away for work until tomorrow it’s a crash course in physio for me and a wonderful daughter bringing me dinner tonight…..a few days of total rest followed by 4-5 weeks of gently recuperating and I should be getting back to myself. With only 41 days until we ‘Go Tactical’ and no free weekends we need to get sorted.

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