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When packing for a holiday is for 5 months….

So today I’ve started choosing clothes for our trip and hell it is not easy…..with the knowledge I have 2 cases that can weigh a maximum of 20kg each and everything i need for 5 months has to be contained within s hard going, this is of course slightly more difficult with the style of clothes i choose to wear……Floofy petticoats are easy to vacuum bag choosing which ones to pack far less easy. Ive narrowed it down to these few and now I need to narrow it down to 4 to take and 1 to wear on the day…..Gahhhhhh

I also have to choose dresses and skirts and I’m now at 11 Dresses & 7 Skirts plus 2 evening dresses for the cruise Formal nights and for an excuse to wear a sparkly dress…the dresses so far are these ones below…..3 Guesss which is the one for New Zealand?

And then 7 Skirts…….

I will be adding a Cowboy print dress and a Dinosaur print skirt and of course my fab Christmas dress but I need to alter that as its so long its almost a maxi dress!!!

For those not used to my dresses and styling a few montages below as to my everyday style

Please do keep in touch as The days click down to leaving day and then follow our trip and my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

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