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My brain thinks it’s 4am….but the clock says 8!

So we are finally on our way….flew out out of Heathrow at 20:40 last night and as if by magic it’s 8am in Dubai and time for coffee and pastries before back on the plane for another 16 hrs 😖……Sydney here we come. If you get the chance to fly Emirates business class it’s so so worth it, if for no other reason to people watch in the First/Business lounge at Heathrow, I never knew that thigh high suede boots and a leather mini skirt worked as comfy clothes to fly in 😳.

As my shoulder is still very delicate from surgery I’m wearing my sling to travel and that combined with my ability to fall over a shadow (thanks to my wonky broken neck) means we get assistance and a wheelchair as the distances at Dubai airport are huge! So imagine the look on my face when we landed and pulled onto a tarmac apron and stairs pulled up alongside….not as surprised as the blind guy also on our flight…the stairs were a challenge for us both 😂 especially at this time of the morning.

The flights been brilliant tho and the food and service fab….watched The Dark Tower over dinner then a few hours sleep before apple juice and canapés in the onboard bar 🍸

And soon it’s time to board again and get some more sleep before waking up to some serious sun 🌞 in Sydney

Today’s Ootd

Tho once on the plane I swap out to a sparkly black loose top and soft grey lounging trousers…….ootd will be back on in Sydney tho gotta show the Aussies my vintage style😉

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