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The last few days….

The last few days have somehow rushed past in a blur of last minute preparation.and then suddenly we were on our way to Heathrow and the trip had begun, the packing and repacking of hand luggage was complete and the cases lined up in the hall since Sunday had the locks put on and if it wasn’t packed it wasn’t going. The last weeks repacking due to the change in luggage allowance from the advertised 2 cases of 32kg each down to 2 cases at 20kg made us make some serious decisions on clothing choices. As i mentioned before I’m not a pair of shorts and a few shirts for 5 months kind of a woman so it was decision time…1 not 2 pair of pj’s, less socks and a few less shirts, a couple of dresses out 1 less cardigan, remove the sparkly shoes and the swim shoes….dump all the toiletries….it went on and one till 1/3rd of each case was gone. The hand luggage sadly had to grow as some stuff just had to make the trip.

Then on Tuesday nights the kids all came round for Chinese Takeaway and Christmas presents…..plenty off food lots of laughs and for me at least the evening ended with plenty of tears as I said goodbye for the next 5 months and grabbed the last hugs. But then I’m me and cry at sad looking kittens and films that make others just sigh

Then Wednesday and we were in the car on the way to the airport early dinner in the Emirates Business lounge and time for boarding and 11E & 11F were our tiny luxury prisons for the next 7+ hours. We took off late at 20:40 and yet again as the wheels left the tarmac I was in floods

Soon enough we were at Dubai and dashing off the plane to get the connection…back on another plane and somehow it’s Friday and I’m sitting Dog tired in Sydney Rocks Youth Hostel waiting for 2pm so we can check in and finally have a shower and get some sleep. We dropped luggage here at just gone 8am and spent a few hours walking in the sunshine to help reset the body clocks…..but tiredness claimed us and now at 12:45 we are crashed in reception waiting for the magic hour…..catch you all later

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