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So today it rained…..

We were at Darling Harbour and to be honest I was very suprised not to see a line of animals and an Ark tied up on one of the jettys! The rain was of biblical proportions and it went from nothing to deluge in around 20 seconds…none of this English fine rain….just full on your about to be blown to Kansas in a monsoon! We took refuge in a coffee shop on the quay and watched the weather with English pessimism, but it failed to stop so i got out my amazingly stylish rain mack and we set off for the amazingly titled Liquorland! Here in Australia ts a huge culture shock that you can not buy booze of any type in supermarkets! Or cornershops….or anywhere thats not a Bottle shop! How absurd is that? Apparently the idea is to cut down on drinking and make booze harder to acccess? Anyone that has walked past an australian pub or bar would know how insane that notion is! They party hard here in Sydney and anyone within a half mile radius can hear the party 🙂

We got back to the room and long hot showers made all seem right in the world….and then Jet lag sneaked up and before we knew it we were asleep….woken by the sound of explosions! Ahhh no that will be a huge firework display somewhere over Sydney Harbour in the rain and before it got dark! They do things differently here in Australia

This morning we were lucky enough to see the Carnival Spirit, a large cruise ship dock at Circular Quay, it was amazing to watch a ship that size pull into such a small area and glide majestically to a stop. My only complaint is she slightly blocks the view of the Opera house 😉

the sunrise was stunning and the roof terrace was just us and this cute little chap

And last but not least todays outfit of the day was blue with Polkadots…and my new lace trainers, that are terribly slippery in the rain 😦

2 thoughts on “So today it rained…..

  1. Darling Harbour used to have Saturday night fireworks every week on the lead uo to Christmas.
    Maybe that’s where yours were from xxxx


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