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Walking in a winter wonderland…..or not when its 27’

It’s hard to get used to seeing Christmas trees and festive decorations around the place when is hot sun, blue sky’s and 27′ The beautiful tree is outside the Customs house at Circular Quay, its very strange watching people in shorts and t-shirts saunter past it, with fake snow in shop windows and Father Christmas in full furry suit its all very very strange.

Today we went exploring the Botanical Gardens…well worth the walk. The view back to the Opera House and The Bridge is beautiful and the plants and bird life are beautiful, very very few plants that we recognised the odd Wisteria and some flowers that we think were lilies

Then there were the Vistas….when some parks are designed and planted they get it spot on…this is one of those times…

And as for the birds? They were amazing , my particular favourites were the ducks hiding from the sun behind a palm tree and a sweet bird (about the size of a Jackdaw) that was nibbling on something inside some lilies….

A mention also needs to go out to the amazing Eels in this lake….read the sign 🙂

I will discuss the Cactus garden and its 8 legged inhabitants in my next post so those that are not friends of Arachnids can stay away…….


Today’s OOTD? Lady V Cupcake with Banned pink petticoat and factor 50 suncream4cdd7dbf-e599-45cd-9bbe-0867d302be45


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