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Wet n Dry…….

It’s been a couple of days since my last post, long wet day on Monday and long sunny day yesterday. On Monday we decided to be stoically British and walk to the maritime museum in the rain. Might as well have just jumped in a Circular Quay and swum round to Darling Harbour 😱….. despite rain coats and appropriate shoes we were wet to the skin on arrival. Those Dyson turbo hand driers are good on hands but bloody useless on clothes 😳

So we went for coffee to warm up, well coffee and muffins very tasty muffins. Then off to explore an Oberon class sub RAN Onslow. Very very interesting we got loads of photos and I got loads of strange looks from other tourists due to wearing a full 50’s skirt and petticoat, however the former submariners aboard acting as guides? Told me I looked pretty and were delighted that I had a real interest in the sub.

I was astonished to discover once at sea they wore their own clothes ! Bless him one of the volunteers tried to tell me he was sure they did that all the time in the Royal Navy…..Steves expression of incredulation said it all 😳

Then we moved on to RANS Vampire a Daring Class Destroyer and we had free run of most of the ship, first time I’ve been on the bridge of a ship that has no wheel….. that was separate on a totally different part of the ship…..and even more astonishing when she was built she had an open bridge 🤔.

We also walked over a replica of HMB Endeavour very very interesting use of an ex Collier

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