everyday life

Bondi cloudburst

When the name Bondi comes to mind you think hot sun, white sandy beach and half naked surfers…..?

The beautiful beach of Bondi has many faces and yesterday we saw 2. We arrived in hot sun and strolled at the waters edge ( mindful of 🐡🦀🦐🦖🐳🐋🦑🐠) and watched the water sparkle in the sun

Then a storm front appeared over the horizon and slowly but surely the clouds slid across the sky and the beach started to clear except for surfers who rushed into the sea like a man drinking a pint on a hot day.

We got to the far end of the beach and the rain started and in true Australian style and of course we got very very wet

I’ve now decided that despite everyone across the world moaning about it always raining in England? They really need to visit Sydney ☔️☔️☔️

However rain aside if you ever visit Sydney you must visit Bondi, it’s an amazing beach and you could spend a lifetime watching the surfers

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