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Welcome to the centre of Australia….it’s bloody hot! It’s also rained every day 🙄

Picture Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs what Springs to mind ? Hot with a side order of bloody hot? Well you wouldn’t be wrong however you really need to add the worlds population of flies and rain and you would be right…..traveling in these areas without a fly net on a good hat and you will be getting far more protein in the form of flies than is good for you!

We arrived at Yulara airport and into the heat welcomed by giant bugs and an amazing guy Jayden who was to be a combination Tour Guide/Mother/chef/balloon fight starter.

Our group of 21 was made up of Brits ( waving at you guys from Manchester ) ( and shout out to you guys from Southend on Sea) ( a heads up to Stephanie ) a lovely couple from the Netherlands some great people from Germany, fab couple from Spain and some guys from South Korea. A special mention to the 2 Korean girls traveling with 2 huge pink suitcases and multiple bags and who were very upset that we didn’t have wifi in the outback

Uluru? It’s amazing ❤️ photos and words can’t describe the beauty but here are a few that I took on my phone as still have to upload those from my camera, it’s also incredibly big so photos up close can not do it justice

And then it rained and we got Uluru waterfalls ❤️<b
ey don't we have wifi when sleeping in tents like this? 😉😉😉 Steve ended up sleeping in the kitchen as the 2 aforementioned Korean girls decided they were going to share he same tent as Steve, Steph and me! Only just room for 4 no way 5 could fit…..they refused to leave and share in any of the tents with only 2 in 🙄. Ever the gentleman Steve played Cinders and slept in the kitchen

Dinner eaten it’s time to unroll your Swag grab a sleeping bag and wash and crash as Jay would be playing music at 4am as the alarm call…..no pillow other than a small bag of clothes and it being bloody hot made for a restless night

However seeing this made up for the shit nights sleep

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the centre of Australia….it’s bloody hot! It’s also rained every day 🙄

  1. You certainly got up close and personal with this stunning landmark. I viewed it from the inside of an air conditioned Toyota RAV lol.
    I did venture out at dusk and dawn though xx


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