everyday life

Days at sea are not wasted…..relaxing is just what holidays are for….right?

Cruise ships are little floating worlds of excess….excess of food, booze and fun, bingo is fun right? learning the glockenspiel? line dancing? you mean you don’t want to learn the difference between a boring painting and another boring painting? after a really good explore of the ship we decided that a lazy afternoon in the adults only area called the sanctuary was called for. It was deserted we spent the entire afternoon lazing on double bed sized sun loungers eating grapes and drinking fruit cocktails and also getting SUNBURNT! I had on a factor 50 and yet thanks to the strength of the sun and a very powerful wind I managed to go a fetching shade of scarlet on my legs….and of course this burn is not even! oh no its all stripy cos of the way I was lazing on the lounger! Mind you Steve did not escape this delight! he had a sunburnt stripe up the middle of his tummy 🙂 apparently a burnt tummy button is very painful 😉



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